Junkanoo   Soul   at   the   Super   Bowl

Well now, folks, 'tis true, I am an educator,
a professional writer, publisher, and communicator;
yet I'll shift back to all of that
just a l'il bit later.
in this Junkanoo Soul at de Super Bowl poetry,
I will shape de Word in the musical rhythms
of the artistic ancestors, the original Creators.

Miniature apologies, culture-"peeps" ;),
'cause dese heah ain't de best Junkapix
as you kin well see.
Wid de kazillion 'n 1/2 t'ings ta do
couldn't line up another of dem rare Super Bowl village passes
for young Brother Roberts,
de photodocumentarian for Junkanoo
a l'il rinky-dink drugsto' camera (sigh :(
had ta pitch hit in a JunkaRush
and do da do.
Well now, Br. Roberts,
don'tcha despair and don't be dismayed;
jes' pack ya gear early and git ready
for de Big Apple/New Yawk's Labor Day,
'cause Junkanoo SPIRIT
in de world's biggest Caribbean parade
gonna be rushin' wid a passion
up Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway.

Dey wuz pastin' for days
to Junkarush at de Super Bowl in a mighty way.
Ya was rushin' nice in dat finished costume, Trevor;
y'all wuz lookin' pretty 'n marvelous/ mean;
but hey man, where wuz Tony's cowbell machine?!
Sho' would love ta see it on de Parkway
if ya Junkanoo'ing heah in Brooklyn for Labor Day.

Chris Justilien, Musical Director, ROOTS Junkanoo Group,
and Coordinator of the ROOTS Junkanoo presentation
at the Super Bowl Corporate Hospitality Village.

Here, Chris Justilien, a number one Junkanoo ROOTS man, stands
as one of de most gifted musicians
and songwriters in de land.

(from left to right) New Orleans-bred blues master, Jesse Thomas ("Jesse T. Soul");
Rev. Hasifa Rahman; vocalist, Keisha St. Joan;
Poet-tential Unlimited founder, Rich Bartee ("Grandpapa Hip Hopper").

These energetic elder artists
drove all the way to Florida from New York, dear folks,
to encourage their "cultural cousins", de Junkanoo crew,
at de Super Bowl.
You shoulda seen all of us cultural cousins,
both Junkayoung and youthful elders,
crowded in dat l'il ole hotel room;
relatin' and communicatin',
laughin', and singin'
both New Orleans and Junkanoo folk tunes.

"Classy, sassy, jazzy" song stylist, Keisha St. Joan
of Brooklyn, NY, in Junkanoo headdress.

Dis brother can really blow up a Storm
on dat fancified foghorn.

When you hear dis Junkanoo man, Big Ben's, spiderweb drum
, you know de Power of de Goombay ROOTS rhythms
done surely come!

Dr. Jan DeCosmo,(right) Coordinator, Tallahassee Bahamas Junkanoo Group with group dancer.
"Junkanoo Jan" and de Tallahassee Bahamas Junkanoo Group's dancin' girl
just a'carryin' de Junkarhythms all around dis heah world.

Oooh-hh-h dis Showtime ROOTS sista
can really GO in dat powerful Junkanoo soul/flow!
I tell you, when she starts to move with her JunkaMama grooves
de rhythm action's jammin' front and center right on cue!
On your mark, ready, set, Let's Go,
Metellus, de awesome Obeah dancer's
rushin' on de Super Bowl Junkascene, ya know!
Somephin tells me those folks might never be de same
not just 'cause de Giants got zapped and de Ravens won de game;
but 'cause de magnificent Metellus, #1 Goombay dancer's,
rushin' like culture/crazy through those Corporate Village lanes.
You know straight up he's Chippie's
(the "Grandfather of Junkanoo's") grandson
when he finally puts on de culture brakes
and dat Junkanoo Obeahman dance done done .
Whew! dat boy knows he can ancestrally Move
to de PowerRhythms of JUNKANOO-OO-ooooo!

let me just cool it a minute
with my Junkarhymes
and let you check some of de rhythm jammers
on Super Bowl Thirty Five's Junkanoo line.

(Shifting back to my Miz Teacher/Writer language :)
Those folks were tantalized, thrilled
and just really didn't know what to do
when they witnessed the powerful, potent Junkanoo rhythms a'flowing through.
(back to de way mah folks spoke)
Oooowee honeychile, hush!
dese Junkanoo people know dey can RUSH!
Linda Cousins/Amasewa Okomfo, Director, Junkanoo SPIRIT Pro-Motions, and Coordinator,
"Junkanoo Soul at the Super Bowl"

I live in Brooklyn and wuz born in Tennessee,
but my heart's always leanin' Nassau's Bay Street way
early on New Year's morning;
de selfsame time on Boxing Day.
I'm an ancestral Junkanoo WomanSpirit from way back--definitely,
takin' Junkanoo Soul to the Super Bowl ,
representin' for de Glorious, Global Culture
for how long?-- just Eternally.

They played the cuts live from dis Junkanoo CD with pride.
De Corporate Village folks were dancin',prancin',
and takin' some serious Goombay chances
to de rhythms of what else?-- "Roots Back on Da Side."

And hey, folks, there it goes!
Hope you enjoyed this l'il sample
And yes, onna P. S.,
befo' ah close,
let me a moment take,
and as de kids might say
"give props" agin to you, Papa Lou,
de one who woke up mah soul
to de joys of ancestral Junkanoo.
Hey, Bahamian bruddah, onna one-an-na two
a temporary but forever t'ank you
l'il secret mystic/man
from Junkanoo SPIRIT Pro-Motions heah in BrookLand.

Steve "Papa Lou" Newton (left) Valley Boy costume toter and free-style dancer

For making this opportunity a vibrant cultural reality: Bouquets of blessings and bountiful thanks to the following beautySpirits: the Corporate Hospitality Committee of the Super Bowl; to Jeff Lowy and Melissa Dudley of Encore Entertainment Corp.; to the dedicated, hard-working Junkanoo group coordinators Chris Justilien, Paul Johnson, and Jan DeCosmo. To the Nassau co-sponsors, The Bahamas Tourist Board, BahamasAir, The Atlantis Hotel, Conch Fritters, and Premiere Travel. To the powerful, positive, Junkanoo energy performers and their supporters from both sides of the Atlantic; to the ardent culturalists who accompanied me on that across-the-South spiritual adventure. To master womanSpirit artist/motivator, and life-long friend, Sylvia Sterling, and yes...

To the Junkanoo ancestors from across the world
who laid the foundation
and most of all and most lovingly
to the Master Artist, Divine Mother/Father God, who ultimately
conceived and planted the seeds in the Soil
in the Universal Nation
for not only JUNKANOO,
but ALL ONE-der-full CREATION , too!
Divine Father/Mother God, THANK YOU, oh thank you ...
Photos copyright (c) Junkanoo SPIRIT Pro-Motions 2001; "Big Ben - ROOTs drummer" photo copyright (c) ROOTS Junkanoo Group 2000; Junkanoo Soul at de Super Bowl Poetry copyright (c) Linda Cousins/Amasewa Okomfo 2001.

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February 18, 2001

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