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Easy   Like   J.   T.   Soul   in   the   Apple

Blues master Jesse Thomas has mesmerized and energized groove with the blues fans throughout the New Orleans and New York City cultural scene for decades. Now blues groovers across the world can sit back, relax, and leave the soul driving to Jesse as he not only sings but preaches in a style that'll make you snap your fingers, body-rock, and smile.

Jesse's a natural-born artist who hit the planet in l937 just off famed Rampart Street, when Jesse T. Soul was a teenager, he wasn't playing marbles or swimming in the creek, he was in a nightclub jamming the blues and making folks throw back their heads in joy and pat their feet. Jesse, a powerfully talented beautySpirit, has grooved and moved with the blues' best from way back.

He started out stage walkin' and blues talkin' with Kid Drake and the All-Night Ramblers (oh, I like that name--All Night Ramblers) in New Orleans in such rock-you-in-your-socks nightspots as yes, the Pepper Pot ('cause the All Night Ramblers had to be hot), Club Forest, and El Grotto. Then Jesse T. Soul, (as I call him here in blues-boppin' Brooklyn), started skipping, rippin, and dipping with such high-energy soul-rockin' masters as Fats Domino, Huey "Piano" Smith, Little Richard, Joe Tex, Guitar Slim, Chris Kenner, Earl Smith, Professor Longhair (I hear you, professor!), Little Willie ("she gives me 'Fever'John, and yes, none other than Lloyd (Lawdy Miss Clawdy) Price. Aw g'won now, Brother Easy, a blues master like you could do no less than swing with the best.

And now after years of stage walkin' and blues talkin', skippin', rippin', and dippin' with no less than the best, Jesse's moving at high-speed on the blues freeway with his long-awaited CD, EASY IN THE APPLE,(Fedora Records) covering favorites ranging from Ya-Ya and Slippin' and Slidin' to New Orleans reminiscing with Go to the Mardi Gras and Jock-a-Mo. And speaking of swinging with the best, Jesse T. Soul jams here with artistic craftsmen like Richard Bennett, Paul Metzky, Tony, Morgan, and Lorenzo Boston,as well as Charlie Otis and Chris Millar who are this sizzling cd's producers.

Blues groovers, get ready to body-rock, head snap, finger-snap, and pat those feet 'cause with Jesse T. Soul's EASY IN THE APPLE you've got a soul-fly-high, groove-down-to the ground blues treat.

When Jesse Preaches Da Blues*

When Jesse preaches da blues
you gotta body-rock, foot-pat,
and just shout Hallelu!
Aw be careful now, Jess,
how you groove dem blues,
might have to tell Miz Ivy on you!

I tell you when you hear da blues
of dis here N'awleans Brooklyn man
you gotta shake your head and grin
and just throw up your hands!

copyright (c) L. Cousins 2000

Jesse's Jams - YaYa sample: Press for the Best of de Blues!
Jesse's Jams - Those Lonely Lonely Nights hors d'oeuvres: Press for the Best of de Blues #2!
Jesse's Jams - Sick & Tired sample: Press for the Best of de Blues #3!
Jesse's Jams - The Things I Used to Do hors d'oeuvres: Press for the Best of de Blues #4!
From the CD, JESSE THOMAS - EASY IN THE APPLE, Fedora Records, New York, NY. (c) (p) Fedora Records. All rights reserved. Celebratin' Easy Blues Poetry copyright (c) Linda Cousins/Amasewa Okomfo 2000. For promotional purposes only. The poetry is not on the actual CD.

YES, I WOULD LIKE TO GROOVE WITH EASY'S BLUES: (Please indicate in the blank below the number of copies of EASY IN THE APPLE you'd like to order: Print out and mail the following coupon. ( ) EASY IN THE APPLE CD'S @ $ 13.00 each ___________


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Print out this form and send along with payment to:

L. Cousins/Cultural Travel Publications
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Brooklyn, NY 11217

U. S. residents: Add $ 2.00 postage/handling; add $ 1.00 for each extra CD ordered. International residents, add $ 4.00 for initial order, $ 1.00 for each additional CD. For further information, e-mail or contact us at 718/398-8941; 718/783-1951 (fax).

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