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RONNIE   BUTLER   -   CULTURAL   BeautySpirit

The dynamic Ronnie Butler, acknowledged as one of the top five vocalists in the Bahamas by the Bahamas Guild of Artistsí Association, celebrates the new year with his latest release, JUNKA BLUE.

This unique master of entertainment is an absolute must-see, must-hear as he mesmerizes rapt audiences with velvet sounds and silky syncopations, delivering a diverse range of calypso, rock, bluegrass, funk, and love songs of today and yesteryears.

Among his many songs loved both throughout the islands and by his innumerable international fans is the long-time favorite, BURMA ROAD, which he penned in l967. This catchy, cultural tune describes the rich Bahamian traditions as well as the hardships encountered during the rushout* laborersí strike of the l940ís.

A living cultural icon in the Bahamas, the resilient-spirited Ronnie Butler has managed to survive every obstacle imposed by the demanding world of entertainment, maintaining a warm dignity, a deep love for his culture, and a potent image as a master entertainer for more than 40 years. With a serious concern for the future of other Bahamian entertainers, Mr. Butler, along with his skilled associates, devotes his expertise and artistic wisdom to consulting and managing upcoming artists.

The spellbinding performances of this mega-talented Bahamian BeautySpirit, along with his vibrant band Fire, can be enjoyed at the Radisson Bar Lounge in Nassau on Tuesdays through Sundays and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at the King and Knights Native Revue Dance Club located at the Nassau Beach Hotel on Cable Beach.

(*Usually associated with the powerful Bahamian carnival, Junkanoo, this term signifies a quick, rhythmic movement through the streets, usually to the beat of goatskin drums and other island-derived instruments and music.)

---A. Sparrow ("Ms. Sugar")

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