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At right, Mama Moses' treasured Bible on the nightstand by her bed in Auburn, NY
This humble, l'il Power-soul
could neither write nor read;
but folks read her Bible to her,
and she practiced Its teachings
in every single thought, word, and deed.

Nana Emma Lee (Rev. Imani Carole Parker, left), and Nana Ama Pearl (Linda Cousins, right), sharing the entrancing mystical life and adventures of Mama Moses.

this here's me and my good sistuhbuddy
storytellin' 'bout Mama Moses,
the beautySpirit,
who set our folks free.

we're just as good sistuhbuddies
in our regular lives
and our actual-ahem-very youthful ages
as we are entertaining you
on the stage!

Journey in consciousness to Bucktown, Maryland, birthplace of Mother Harriet Ross Tubman Davis ("Mama Moses"), and be entertained, enlightened, and encouraged as Nana Emma Lee and Nana Ama Pearl, two master "sistuhbuddy storytellers", relate the Warrior Love contributions and intense mystical experiences of the greatest conductor on the Underground Railroad to freedom.

Through thought-provoking, touching, and ofttimes humorous accounts (accompanied by "Amen-corner sangin' "), the two contemporary griots weave an entrancing story web around rarely revealed facts of Mama Moses' tremendous contributions, miraculous feats, and unshakeable faith and determination.

A musical her-storytelling adventure, including dance, gospel, rap, and r&b, and Bahamian Junkanoo drumming, the production features a multicultural and inter-generational cast from throughout the African diaspora, including Tennessee, Harlem, New Orleans, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands, North Carolina, and Nassau, Bahamas--all joyfully joining together to not only celebrate MAMA MOSES' SPIRIT but that of all world ancestors and their colleagues who contributed to the freedom quest.

Other performers in this Ancestral Storytellers' Production have included: Keisha St. Joan, James Miller, Jesse Thomas, and Rosella Stone, vocalists; Cecelia Carrington, Brenda Hall, Maria Mitchell, and Bridget Davis, dancers; Jimmy Hill, organist; Yaya Kamate, ancestral drummer/dancer; Saboor, congas and the former Bahamas New York Rushers, Junkanoo band performances.

The reasonably-priced production is "expandable", depending on the hosts' organizational budget, with a presentation varying from the two storytellers and a singer to the full multicultural cast of a dozen performers. MAMA MOSES' SPIRIT lifts the mind and thrills the soul. E-mail us at: for further information regarding performance possibilities for your church, school, organization, or other events. The work is great for fundraisers or simply for just celebrating this fabulous her-storycal legacy year-round.

About the Storytellers

An educator and global studies curriculum writer, Linda Cousins/Amasewa Okomfo is also an award-winning poet, playwright, historical researcher, and independent publisher whose works have appeared in numerous international publications as well as in stage, tv, radio, and video productions. She is the conceiver/author of the online Underground Railroad curriculum, ("Inspiring Tales from the Underground Railroad", offered by colleges and institutions across the country. Amasewa is the founder of Ancestral Storytellers' Promotions & Productions.

Rev. Imani Carole Parker is a highly esteemed poet and actor whose dramatization of the life of Sojourner Truth has received national rave reviews. She is also a lecturer and motivator who greatly enjoys working with youth and who has taught drama to youth at the Don Nedd Cultural Arts Center of the Brooklyn Truth Center. She was one of the adult leaders of a group of teens to South Africa where they attended a world religious conference, participated in cultural activities with South African youth, and were privileged to hear Nelson Mandela speak in his home country. Imani is currently the executive director of the Jobs for Youth Apprenticeship Program, Brooklyn and co-founder/minister with Rev. Ellen G. Jacobs and Rev. Corinne Kemp Scott of H.I.G.H. (Harlem Interfaith Gathering of Healing)

Bahamas' Junkanoo Featured in Tubman Play

Mother Harriet Ross Tubman Davis was descended from the Asante people of Ghana, those indefatigable warrior spirits who rose up in numbers against bondage, no matter where the slave ships deposited them. Mama Moses used to quite proudly proclaim, "I'm one of them Asantes." Junkanoo, a powerful ancestral festival in the Bahamas, is also a cultural gift from the West Coast of Africa, particularly Ghana. Thus, it is quite significant and exciting that a Junkanoo rushout (lively march)by the former Bahamas-New York Rushers was featured in this celebration of Mama Moses' Spirit.

This performance in itself was historical, as it was the first noted event in which Junkanoo has been featured in a New York-based play about a great African-descended contributor. Fred Munnings, Jr., a noted Junkanoo expert in Nassau, Bahamas, once remarked, "If you don't move to Junkanoo, you're dead!" So-o-o true. Mama Moses' spirit is still very much alive and undoubtedly stood at rapt cultural attention, along with the audience, when the Junkanoos started to jam in celebration of her life and contributions.
Like to hear a l'il taste of Junka music? Press here for the ROOTS band from Nassau, Bahamas.

BeautySpirit Activist, the late Rich Bartee, Founder, Poet-tential Unlimited, at the home of Mother Harriet Ross Tubman Davis, Auburn, New York. Rich introduced the two poet/storytellers, Imani and Linda, over two decades ago, resulting in Imani starring in the first off-off Broadway production of Cousins' play, Karma, The Hudson Guild Theatre, New York, l977.

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