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In becoming an avid traveler to the Bahamas, I've had the pleasure of meeting what I term "beautySpirits", both Bahamians and non-Bahamians, who exhibit such selfless love and service to the country that one cannot help but view them as marvelous blessings to the Bahamas.

One such precious beautySpirit is Ms. Audrey Sparrow, (lovingly known to many as" Ms. Sugar"). An enthusiastic aficionado of Bahamian travel, Ms. Sugar is celebrating 31 years of annual visits to Nassau, Bahamas.. Not only has she taken countless family members of varied ages on her cultural treks to Nassau and to the Nassau Beach Hotel (her favorite island domicile), but she has also facilitated the visits of numerous friends and their associates as well.

A former background singer for Little Willie John (of the famed "Fever" release of the 50's) as well as other entertainers, Ms. Sugar, (when she is not soaking in the Bahamian sun and culture), runs her own business as an entertainment booking agent and also works as an independent travel agent. However, most significantly, her magnanimous spirit shows forth in a project in which she has been engaged for a number of years--that of collecting and shipping tons of toys, clothing, books, and toiletries each Christmas season to the children and adults at the AIDS camp operated by Rev. Glenroy Nottage in Nassau.

Having been introduced to the charitable work being done at the camp by Sam Williams, president of the Bahamas Loving Care Association, Ms. Sugar determined that she would like to give back to the Bahamas not only by encouraging travelers to vacation in the islands there, but by providing whatever service she could to the AIDS camp, particularly the adorable children who reside there.

Due to her arduous work and generous donations, much of which has been at her own expense, smiles have been brought to many otherwise glum faces at the AIDS camp and goods and services have been rendered to many there, some of whom experienced the joy of receiving such just before passing from this life.

Coming into the physical presence of Ms. Sugar, some might unwittingly term her a handicapped elder. Nothing is farther from the truth. This vibrant, cheerful, ever-youthful beautySpirit is a blessing not only to the Bahamas and New York, but to all privileged to cross her lovely path.

BTW, if Bahamas appreciators would like to contribute to Ms. Sugar's annual drive for the island's AIDS camp, particularly during the holiday season, feel free to e-mail her c/o Blessings on your journeys through the world and especially through Life.

Sam   "Marathon   Man"   Williams   at   the   Junkanoo   Museum,   Nassau


Another beautySpirit who has been a tremendous blessing to the Bahamas is former track star and now Bahamas Sports Hall of Famer, Sam "Marathon Man" Willliams. A former educator, Sam now operates a limousine service in Nassau where he shows the best of his beautiful homeland to countless visitors throughout the year.

However, in addition to this work, Sam, a dedicated Bahamian patriot, has involved himself in serving the needs of the less fortunate residents of the country through his work as founder/president of the Bahamas Loving Care Association.

When a young Bahamian lost her mother and brother through a murder/suicide at the hand of her father, the Bahamas Loving Care Association spearheaded a drive to provide a scholarship for the deserving young lady. When a courageous Bahamian, Victor "Easy" King sacrificed his life in rescuing several children from their burning home, Sam immediately put forth a ceaseless effort (which continues to this day) to have this Bahamian hero appropriately honored there in his country.

An advocate for the elderly as well as children and unsung heroes, Sam arranged for senior citizens to be taken on a limousine tour of their island; many of these poverty-strickened elders had never seen some of the true beautyspots of their own land before. As mentioned previously it was Sam who introduced Ms. Sugar as well as many other visitors to the plight and needs of the residents of the AIDS Camp and the great work undertakened there by another great Bahamian patriot, Rev. Glenroy Nottage.

A proud husband and father of two, Sam "Marathon Man" Williams is a dynamic servant to the beautiful Bahamian land of his birth and along with the members of the Bahamas Loving Care Association can always be found work ardently on the behalf of Bahamian citizens in need of a voice, love, and recognition. He is a beautySpirit whose contributions should go down in the annals of Bahamian history.

The Bahamas Loving Care Association, PO Box 11-815, Nassau, Bahamas; 242-325-5807; 242-322-2155.

(...and pondering beautySpirits blessing the Bahamas, there is a marvelous cyberspace couple from Canada, Reg & Kit, who are such aficionados of the Bahamas that they have mounted a wonderful site celebrating Bahamas culture and travel. The site is unique in that it includes a Bahamian newspaper, the Guardian, l00 JAMZ, the popular Bahamian radio station, and a forum for Bahamians and Bahamas lovers. The site also has a section giving weather in the Bahamas and a number of valuable links to other sites on the Bahamas, including those featuring the Family Islands. I love visiting the site, as the ocean graphics, take me in imagination back to those lovely shores.) Reg & Kit's site can be found at:

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